Photo by Amroz Haračić, from the archives of Nadir Mavrović, loan from Irena Dlaka


A photo of women carrying a bucket of water on their heads to water young pine trees that have just been planted on the island of Mali Losinj shows how important, necessary and labor-intensive the contribution of the women workers was in order to realize this undertaking. The photographer of this scene, the botanist Amroz Haračić, was also involved in the concept development and realization of this elaborate and important reforestation project on the island of Mali Losinj. This photo was taken shortly before the end of the 19th century. In the background you can see the newly completed house, which was intended for the service of Villa Carolina (completed in 1899), and the newly started landscaping of the future park around the villa. Haračić dedicated his life to the study of the climate and vegetation and the planting of pine forests in Mali Losinj. He is the one of the first known photo amateurs in Lošinj.

The merits of Haračić and his colleagues Leopold Schrötter, Conrad Clara etc. in connection with the study of botany and reforestation of Mali Lošinj are part of the historical narrative presented as information material on tourist portals of Lošinj, in travel guides, in scientific studies etc. At the same time, the role of the workers and their working conditions in tourism is less discussed, studied and narrated. It is obvious that Haračić himself, when he decided to archive this action of irrigating pines, was aware of the importance and role of the workers, the women of Lošinj, in the realization of this project. (Anamarija Batista)